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Straight from the Land of Awesome

My everyday life in the Netherlands

The name's Anneke. That's too Dutch to pronounce for you, so just call me Ann. No Anne; Ann. Dutch, you say? Yes, that's because I live in the Netherlands - born and raised 100% Dutch. Languages I've mastered: Dutch, English, German, French and Latin. I've tried ancient Greek, but it just didn't work for me. I want to learn (more) Italian and Swedish some day, and probably also some Danish.

I spend my life skipping and dancing around the building of my school and if you'd ask my friends to describe me, they'd probably use words like "chatterbox", "hippie", "always happy" and hopefully a lot of other positive stuff. When I'm not brightening up my school you can probably find me at home, in my room, at the computer. That's because I haven't got much to do outside of school, except for badminton and the occasional meet-up with my dear friends.

My passions are books and music; nothing can beat the feeling of completely losing yourself in a good book and feel everything the characters feel, too. I myself intend on being a writer someday, but I lack time and motivation (although I do have a story going on right now, but school seems to block any activity considering that very story at the moment). Of course I will need to make my money somehow in the near future, and I want to do that with something chemistry-related. At the moment I'm still in highschool, but once I'm done there I want to study something chemistry-related and who knows... In the meantime I might just have published something, but if I go on like this it isn't very likely.

Another passion that keeps on growing is the one for arthouse films. Give me an eccentric European movie with a dramatic yet beautiful end and I'm happy for a couple of hours. The only problem here is that I need to drag someone with me, but some people are foolish, I mean smart, enough to allow me to drag them with me. And then there are video rental stores...

Well, enough about me, although you'll have to put with me a lot if you're going to be stalking my livejournal, which will be about me, my life, and the things I do. And of course I'd be happy to stalk your livejournal. :)